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Humanitarian Aid for

Reaching Arms International


RAI is an active supplier of humanitarian aid to orphanages in Russia and other nations.  When adoptive parents travel to prospective orphanages, they must bring 2 boxes of contributions.  Our sister Dawna is planning to adopt this year!!


Depending on the season, this is what the orphanages are in need of:


Baby Care Products (most urgent need):  lotions, wipes, Desitin, children's tylenol, teething gel 


Shoes, sandals or boots (age 2-10)


heavy, medium, or light coats (age 2-10)


T-shirts, socks, leggings (age 2-10)


mittens, hats, scarves (age 2-10)


Indoor/outdoor games, colored pencils, watercolors and brushes

Please donate only new items.


For more information please contact Dawna.  We will be collecting at the next meeting in April, and also the May meeting.

Thank you for your help!