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Latest Changes


4/3/02    Updates to next meeting, see the info about humanitarian aid donations.  New home for the page!  Sorry about the banners, but Mediacom doesn't support FrontPage and I don't want to rebuild pages that are already done!  Notice you can select on the banner frame to be notified when the page changes.  Mind-it went out of business so that option is no longer available.

3/2/02    Locating new address...

1/19/02 -- Not been keeping up, have I?  Notice the message on the welcome page.  I have no idea where this one is going.  Updated January contact info, and February meeting.

10/30/01 -- Corrected date on Christmas party.

10/28/01 -- Updated info on Christmas party.  Took off the web-gear event-minder since I was the only one using it anyhow.  E-mail me your info if you need updates.  Added more links to link page.

9/29/01 -- Uploaded October and November calendar.

9/10/01 -- Updated October meeting information.  Info about Harvest Table is on the latest contacts page.  Also baby shower news.

9/9/01 -- Added a Mind-it button.  This will generate an e-mail to you whenever the latest contact info page changes.  I'm still working on the calendar pages...

8/28/01 -- Building website. Everything is new!




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